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        The two-component gluing machine is a special equipment for the production of hollow and curtain wall glass. It can complete the mixing and gluing of components a and B in the secondary sealing at one time. Let's take a look at the detailed steps of the operation of the two-component gluing machine.
        1. Connect the air source:
        Connect the source, adjust the pressure reducing valve to 0.4 ~ 0.6MPa, and check the system for air leakage. Then try to run the following actions: (1) pump a is lifted; (2) Pump a is inflated; (3) B pump lifting; (4) B pump inflates. Note: when lifting the lifting cylinder, if the two cylinders are not synchronized, please lower to the original point and then operate again.
        2. Put the rubber drums of components a and B in place and align them with the axes of a and B rubber pumps.
        Take component A as an example:
        1) Operate the manual rotary valve to lift pump a to. During the lifting process, observe whether each pipeline is stretched and tightened.
        2) Place the rubber bucket under the pressure plate of pump a, open the rubber bucket, turn the plastic bag out of the bucket, and take out the plastic sheet on the rubber surface.
        3) Slowly lower the pressure plate of pump A. when the pressure plate is put into the barrel, align it with the barrel mouth, and open the exhaust port of the pressure plate until the pressure plate contacts the rubber surface. When the gas in the pressure plate is completely discharged and a small amount of glue overflows from the exhaust port, the exhaust valve can be closed. (lift switch remains depressed)
        4) Start up and try to apply glue: turn on the air source switch of the main pump and press the glue gun switch until the air in pump a is exhausted and the glue is continuously discharged from the gun mouth.
        Operate pump B in the same way.
        4. Gluing operation:
        1) Loosen the locking screw of the proportional pump on the proportional lever and adjust the inside and outside of the proportional pump to the required proportion. Only when the ratio of glue a and glue B reaches the normal value can the following operations be carried out.
        2) Set the selection knob on pump a and pump B, align the glue gun outlet with the middle seam of the two pieces of glass, turn on the glue gun switch, and move the glue gun smoothly at an appropriate speed to fill the two-component glue in the glass tank. Close the glue gun at the end of gluing.
        5. Replace the rubber barrel:
        1) When the glue in the glue barrel is used up, turn off the switches a and B immediately and stop the glue application.
        2) Turn on the inflation switch of a (or b) rubber pump, select the lifting mechanism of a (or b) rubber pump as the rising position, and jog the knob to slowly lift the pressure plate. At this time, it should be noted that the rubber barrel should not leave the chassis as far as possible until the pressure plate is completely separated from the rubber barrel. Turn off the inflation switch of a (or b) rubber pump.
        3) Withdraw the empty barrel, put the new rubber barrel at the working position, and repeat the operations in Items 3, 4 and 4.
        1. Glue gun: since the two-component glue is composed of two kinds of glue, its solidification speed is related to the ambient temperature and the ratio of glue a and B, and the mixed glue will be cured within 20 minutes. Therefore, when the equipment is not used within 20 minutes after normal gluing, the mixed glue must be washed out to avoid blocking the glue mixer and glue gun.
        Specific operation: turn off the B pump, turn on the B glue return switch, and then turn on the glue gun until the glue strip is white.
        In addition, the amount of impurities in the adhesive produced by different two-component adhesive manufacturers is different. According to the actual situation, it is recommended to clean the filter screen and one-way check valve of component B once every two groups. For more information, please visit our website http://www.101fashiontips.com consulting service


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