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        According to the technical service experience of Jinan two-component gluing machine manufacturer for many years, the problem of slow curing of hollow glue after gluing is mainly caused by the following two reasons:
        1. The curing speed is slow due to low ambient temperature. Solution: improve the temperature of the use environment and the maintenance environment, such as setting a warm room in a closed space and heating the air conditioner;
        2. Slow curing speed caused by low ambient temperature. Solution: confirm whether the proportion of component A and component B is normal through the breaking time, and properly increase the proportion of component B within the range allowed by the manufacturer to speed up the curing speed.
        be careful:
        At present, the hollow rubber in the market is usually two-component, and there is a clear difference in the curing mechanism between the two-component rubber and the one-component rubber. The two-component adhesive formula already contains the moisture required for curing, which is not affected by the water vapor in the air. After mixing, the two-component adhesive can be cured at the same time inside and outside, and can be deeply cured. However, the curing speed of the two-component adhesive will be slow when the ambient temperature is low and the component B is small.
        Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the ambient temperature during use and curing and the mixing ratio of components a and B after the gluing machine is finished to ensure normal curing. In addition, some abnormal conditions, such as unreasonable storage conditions of sealant or beyond the shelf life, or mixing of hollow adhesives from different manufacturers, may also cause slow curing.
        In addition, if the melt temperature is too high, if the hot melt adhesive you use has a high viscosity (thicker), the glue melted at this temperature will be thicker. As we all know from life experience, the fluidity of thick things is poor, so this is one of the situations that may lead to glue breaking.
        The rubber gun is blocked, and the rubber tube of the rubber gun has not been cleaned for a long time, which makes the carbon deposit of the rubber block the muzzle. The softening point of the glue is high, and the working temperature of 165 is slow to melt the glue, resulting in the slow speed of the glue. Whether there is a fault in the heating pipe of the rubber box. These are the reasons given by the manufacturer that may lead to the slow speed of glue delivery.
        We have made clear the reasons for the slow curing of hollow glue after the glue applicator works and the relevant precautions. If you have any questions or needs, please come to our website http://www.101fashiontips.com Consultation and attention!


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