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        In the process of rapid development of the times, more and more factories use two-component gluing machines to increase their production capacity and product quality. Do you know how their daily maintenance work is? Xiaobian will take you to learn how to do the daily maintenance of Jinan two-component gluing machine.
        At the end of each day's work, the body of the equipment should be cleaned, so that the equipment will be more beautiful and lasting;
        Drain the oil and water accumulated in the oil-water separator after work every day;
        We should check the lubricating oil of the oil mist atomizer of the air circuit from time to time to ensure the lubrication of the pneumatic components;
        If you don't work continuously, you should immediately remove the residual glue in the glue gun;
        In the process of work, we should pay attention to whether the readings of the following pressure gauges are normal, otherwise it will cause poor product quality and hinder normal production efficiency;
        At the end of each day's work, you must keep a work diary so that you can screen the problems in the future.
        The maintenance of the two-component gluing machine is divided into two levels, i.e. level 1 and level 2. Now let's talk about level 1 maintenance: check the connection and lubrication of mechanical moving parts every week. If the lubrication is not enough, remember to add grease; The mixer should be cleaned every 15 working days or half a month.
        Next is the second level maintenance work: the accessories to be replaced every month include oil mist, safety valve and lubricating oil of main pump and proportioning pump; Clean the filter and needle valve once a month, and check the relief pressure of the safety valve; Clean the main pump, proportioning pump, auxiliary material pump and safety valve once a year.
        The above is what we want to say about the maintenance of the two-component gluing machine. Can you use it as a reference, or should you do the maintenance according to the actual situation of your machine? For more questions, please come to our website http://www.101fashiontips.com Take a look.


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